June 5, 2015

Give-Away Winner!

Congratulations to Jen Stults of Being Confident Of This! Jen is the winner of our "What Are You Listening To?" Diamonds CD give-away! Jen, I hope you love the CD as much as my girls and I do.

I encourage all sweet friends to check out this incredible album, and may all you listen to nourish your mind and soul!


  1. What a refreshing post! Truly, the FOTS are ours for the taking if we just ask! Your explanation of the difference between happiness and joy was so good. The verses you shared and the four ways to get joy - wonderful idea - deciding which was which. And the story of your daughter's perspective upon her grandpa's death - loved that.
    And yes, it all made sense. I knew all of this in my heart, but needed the refresher course, so thank you for that!

    1. Thank YOU, Ruthie! You have gladdened my heart and mind today with your thoughtful and encouraging feedback! I'm looking forward to taking some time soon to meander around your blog house! :)


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