What are all these acronyms stuck in this blog after the Bible verses? They're versions of the Bible...different translations (and, occasionally, a paraphrase) of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages the Bible was originally written in.

There are many versions of the Bible, and sometimes one will interpret a Scripture in a way that makes more sense to me or helps me understand God's truth more clearly. So in this blog, you'll see Bible verses in several versions, followed by their acronyms.

Here are the Bible translations and paraphrases you'l find referenced in this blog:
  • NIV = New International Version (unless otherwise noted, Scriptures quoted in this blog are from the NIV)
  • TNIV = Today's New International Version
  • NAS = New American Standard
  • ESV = English Standard Version
  • NCV = New Century Version
  • CSB = Holman Christian Standard Bible
  • GW = GOD'S WORD Translation
  • GNT = Good News Translation
  • MSG = The Message (a paraphrase...check out "The Junk Drawer" page for details on the difference between a translation and a paraphrase)
  • MMSG = The Momsage (just a little pun, and no I am NOT adding to Scripture or presenting this as an official, approved anything...this is just my shorthand way of showing that a particular phrasing in one of the studies is my own particular mom paraphrase)

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